The Mordecai Neighborhood Inside the Beltline is Full of History!

If you’re the kind of home buyer that adores older homes that have plenty of character, then you should check out the Mordecai—that's pronounced "mor-duh-key"—neighborhood just north of downtown Raleigh.

This community is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city and is actually home to the neo-classical Mordecai House, which is the oldest property on its original location in Raleigh.

History buffs and home lovers alike adore this neighborhood!

Mordecai’s Past

As previously mentioned, the Mordecai House is considered the oldest property on it's original location in the city of Raleigh and is actually a part of the Mordecai Historic Park. This park has the distinction of including the dwelling (moved to the park in 1975) which was birthplace of our 17th president, Andrew Johnson.

The original home was built in 1785 by Raleigh founding father Joel Lane for his son Henry and his wife Polly. The Lanes owned 2,000 acres. Henry and Polly's daughter Margaret married Moses Mordecai in 1817, hence the name. In 1824, the Mordecai family hired state architect William Nichols to enlarge the home, bringing it to current Greek Revival elegance.

Ultimately, Mordecai family descendants began selling off the surrounding land, which were developed some of Raleigh’s first suburbs, including Mordecai Park and Oakwood. The mansion was owned by the family until 1967.

On February 4, 1998, the Mordecai neighborhood was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This historic district is bounded by North Blount Street, Courtland Drive, Old Wake Forest Road and Mordecai Drive.

This Wake County Neighborhood in the Present Day

This community is beloved today for its character and its lasting history.

The homes here are historical and were masterfully crafted. Styles range from large colonial revival homes to charming craftsman bungalows.

And this community is also close to popular downtown restaurants and shops!

It’s a great part of town to live in!

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