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Wake Forest

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Its Reputation Precedes It

Even if you’re a home buyer not entirely familiar with Raleigh or even North Carolina, chances are you’ve heard of certain areas because their legend precedes them. Places like Chapel Hill and Durham are famous for their rich history and universities. Well, Wake Forest is in that same echelon and makes no qualms about boasting it.

Home to the legendary Wake Forest University, the area stakes its claims as one of Raleigh’s best places to live and grow. With a population of only around 30,000, it delivers this in a very quaint and neighborly package. The moment you arrive in Wake Forest you’ll notice a decidedly family-driven community. It’s truly a breath of fresh air.

In With the New

With a total of about 8 neighborhoods and growing, residents enjoy a huge variety of neighborhood amenities and floor plans. There’s also a good portion of new home builds in the area as Wake Forest continues to expand with new home owners. This means even more choices for you. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in some of the more established homes, there’s probably a brand new one that’ll please your tastes.

It’s exponential growth has not detracted from Wake Forest’s sense of community one iota. A particularly white-collar area, you’ll find that a lot of residents work from home or are self-employed. As you can see this is a very driven and unique area so if those attributes describe you, welcome home.

A Molding of Minds

In the shadow of the stellar Wake Forest University but never overshadowed, the grade schools of Wake Forest are hands down the crème de la crème. Ask any local parent and they’ll begin glowing with compliments and the same applies for the teachers. Schools here are award-winning and put the future of the area’s youth at the top of the totem.

Come. Live. Grow.

With a rich history and a promising future, Wake Forest is an area that’s found a wonderful mix of family and “forward”. As a home buyer in the market, search the beautiful listings in the area. Home sellers can begin finding their home value as well. When you’re ready to partner with someone who will help you reach your real estate goals with no stress, contact us.

At Pace Realty Group, our priority is you. Happy searching and we’ll speak to you soon.