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Inside the Beltline (ITB)

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Inside Isn’t Always Inside?

At Pace Realty Group, we understand it can be a little confusing when you first hear someone mention that a home is “Inside the Beltline.” First, understand that the Beltline is technically I-440 which along with I-40 creates a perimeter around the City of Raleigh. Knowing this, wouldn’t any home inside of that beltline be technically considered “Inside the Beltline?” Not at all.

What Triangle residents refer to as “ITB” is specific to homes located in a certain section of downtown Raleigh. This is the prominent, established, and historic segment that the remainder of the city has sprouted from as it’s grown outward. The old heart of the Capital City, there is very minimal new construction, but what new construction does come up is guaranteed to be top-of-the-line luxury. 

The Soul of Raleigh

As the epicenter of the Capital City, the homes in the area have a great variety of classic Southern architecture. Offering its home buyers detached single-family homes and some much larger affairs for the affluent, ITB has a lovely mix of the historic combined with some of the now. It’s not designed to be the next North Hills, but, without ITB there would be no North Hills.

Being located in and around the heart of downtown, there is no shortage of fun to be had. When it’s time to release the stress of the week, take a stroll to some of the finest dining and shopping the city has to offer. Take in an afternoon at the North Carolina Museum of Art or attend a concert at the Red Hat Amphitheater.

Depending on what part of ITB you reside in, alot of the city’s best is within walking distance. So park those wheels until further notice. When you do have to drive to a location, it’s never far. Blink and you’re there!

The Best of the Best

Being an extremely family-oriented area is reflected in the incomparable quality of schools that are present in the area. Wake County Public School system is consistently one of (and often the best) in all of North Carolina and the schools inside the beltline are routinely the best in WCPSS. With a combined dedication to greatness by the teachers, administrators, parents, and students it’s not hard to see why they excel.

It’s Time You Found ITB

As one of the more coveted places to live in all of Wake County and the Triangle, home buyers should begin searching homes in ITB now as they go fairly quickly. If you're a home seller and you’re looking to begin to gain a value on your property, you’re in the right place. At Pace Realty Group, we’re here to partner with you to reach all of your real estate goals quickly and worry-free. Contact us now and let’s get started!